Founded in 2014, Cleopatra Ink is an award-winning tattoo and piercing studio located in Alanya. It is actively one of the largest tattoo companies in Europe. Our artists are proud to embody the spirit and art of the tattoo industry. Our founder, Halil İbrahim KARADERE, started Cleopatra Ink with a single branch in Alanya and later on, our brand has continued to grow with a solid foundation and continues to expand in European regions.

We love to showcase our services to the world and are known in the tattoo industry for the work we do for our clients. Customers from outside Turkey often travel actively to visit our branches to work with our artists. Although we started in Alanya as a single region, it didn't take long for us to expand into Europe in a short time. With multiple locations in Norway, Finland, Turkey and Istanbul, Cleopatra Ink prides itself on providing world-class services to customers worldwide. Wherever you go, we will be proud to provide a lasting art and great service that will come together.