The very last Section of the Month of winter season: ESN IUE!

Leaving the last month of winter behind we are super happy to celebrate ESN IUE’s amazing job and effort on February!

With their brand new board elect, they have been working to full capacity!

Have you checked how cool the images they posted on Instagram to promote their Orientation Week? Well, then do it!

ESN IUE hosted one of our annual education event, ESN 101 on February and the OC did made partipants feel home and enjoy the event to the fullest.

They drew attention to a recent major social issue with their posts involving the hashtag campaign #SayNOtochildABUSE.

Well what’s more? ESN IUE is proud of their activity “#EyesClosedMindsOpen”. They aimed to raise awareness on obstacles that visually challenged individuals go through. Participants simulated these challenges in return throughout the event; in the end they had a chance to empathize with visually challenged individuals at least for a bit.

Keep up the great work ESN IUE, big congrats to all the ESNers involved!