“Making exchange students feel at home and turning a team into a family are ESN Marmara's areas of expertise.”

This words are taken from the article about ESN Marmara, the first Section in the Spotlight of 2020.


Every month, an ESN section is taken into the spotlight by Network Committee of ESN International, introducing them to the network showing their practices, what they are doing and how they are doing it. This month, January 2020, ESN Marmara is chosen as the Section in the Spotlight. As ESN Turkey, we congratulate ESN Marmara for being the first Section in the Spotlight from Turkey and wish them to continue their achievements on the international level.


“Since the Turkish use the phrase “çok güzel”, which means “very good” in English, a lot in their daily routine, it is not surprising that the very first Turkish words that international students learn are “çok güzel”. However, the surprising part is when they start to say it in regards to the section and the people in it. That is how “ESN Marmara çok güzel” became its slogan. Forming a slogan from students' feedback is a dream come true. Our question is: how did ESN Marmara achieve that?”


Really, how did ESN Marmara achieve that? Let’s take look how they managed that (link: https://www.esn.org/blog/making-exchange-students-feel-home-esn-section-spotlight)