Section of the Month - March : Spring kicks off with ESN YILDIZ!

Did you know the name of this section (YILDIZ) literally means “star” in Turkish and indeed they’re shining like a star with their amazing work through the year as well as in last month!

A big round of applause goes to ESN YILDIZ for winning 2 first places in International STARawards in LogoSTAR and ESNshowcaseSTAR.

In March, they also stood out with a quite creative event they organised: artIST
Do you enjoy walking tours? What about an artsy one?
artIST is sort of a walking tour to specifically explore various art exhibitions in a row in one of the coolest neighborhoods of Istanbul!

Make sure to check out the photos with the hashtag that ESN YILDIZ has come up with! #ESNmakesafamily