During the last weekend at NP Mersin, our sections voted for our new National Board and we are more than happy with the results. 

ESN Turkey’s new National Board is;
President, Ali Mert Bölükbaşı (ESN Trabzon)
Vice President, Semih Yavuz (ESN Trabzon)
National Representative, Alev Hüner (ESN ITU)
Vice National Representative, Can Zoraloğlu (ESN IUE)
Treasurer, Damla Sena Karakaya (ESN Yeditepe)
Communication Manager, Kadri Çabuk (ESN Hacettepe)
Web Projects Administrator, Egemen Özdaş (ESN YILDIZ). 

Our new National Board is an energetic and highly motivated team!! We wish then the best for the year! Good luck to our lovely National Board!!