After Grand Welcome Parties and before Chill’Ness V, how about going Beyond the Walls?

We, as ESN Turkey, are glad to announce that Beyond the Walls will come true on the 9th of April in IF Beşiktaş! As you know that this party gives a chance to meet Erasmus+ students from different universities, to feel that we are #ErasmusGeneration, and to have lots of fun!

Also, as ESN with ExchangeAbility project, we aim to increase the participation of students with disabilities in mobility programmes and also to make ESN an accessible organisation.

What is the relevance of ExchangeAbility? In this party, we aim to buy wheel chair for a person with cerebral. So, we will not only raise awareness, but also we will make a person’s dream come true.

If you want to contribute a person to reach his/her dreams and to have fun, we want to see you at this party!


with ESNcard: 25₺

without ESNcard: 30₺

Door Sale: 35₺

*1 beer is included in the price.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your university's ESN Section or with us!!

#WeAreOne with you, so see you in Beyond the Walls!!