ESNsurvey 2021 Questionnaire is online! 

The ESNsurvey is a Europe-wide research project covering different topics concerning mobility and education. It is the largest project of its kind carried out solely by volunteers. Every year since the establishment of the project in 2005, the ESNsurvey team develops an online questionnaire and disseminates it among students at European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to collect information about students’ experiences from their exchange period abroad. Many associations, students, teachers, academics and various European institutions collaborate with ESN on this project. Over the 15 years of its existence, ESNsurveys have gathered more than 170.000 responses.

Both National Organizations and Local Sections should be aware of the benefits of this research publication. National Agencies, governments and universities know this project very well and it can be a powerful tool to approach them. It is thus fundamental to maintain the high quality of the project.

On top of it, the ESNsurvey is the main tool we use to gather the students’ experiences with the Erasmus+ programme, so that we can propose to different stakeholders (such as the European Commission, the National Agencies, the universities and our own sections) different recommendations in order to improve the Erasmus+ programme.

Now it is in your hands to make this project even more impactful!

What is the ESNsurvey 2021 about?

This year's ESNsurvey aims to explore the core elements of student mobility related to the experience of the students, the support they receive, and the impact that mobility has on their lives once they go back home. A special focus will be dedicated to the effect of COVID-19 on mobility experience since this is the most important external factor affecting student mobilities at the moment. 

Who needs to answer the ESNsurvey 2021 questionnaire?

The target of ESNsurvey 2021 are international students that had a mobility experience (longer than 3 months) in the academic years 2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021 (limited to the first semester). We are not interested in students that are starting their mobility in the second semester 2020/2021 or students who do not have a mobility experience. 

The primary target group are Erasmus+ students and trainees but not exclusively. This means that the survey can be shared to all kinds of international students such as full degree students, students who had a mobility experience within another programme, and students who went abroad for an international volunteering project.