Section of the Month - Orientation Week Exclusive

How would you survive an intense orientation week?

We all know orientation weeks are the most crucial and busiest time of the year in terms of the workload and building a bridge between incoming students and local ESN section.

ESN Yeditepe is the section of the month with its packed orientation programme full of events!

Other than having organized what we call “regular events” such as walking tours and social meet-ups, they came up with an idea of a “quiz night” as well. Through holding this sort of an icebreaker activity, both ESNers and Erasmus students had a chance to ask one another unique questions and bond.

ESN Yeditepe gives importance to spending quality time with ESNers as a family thus they dine out regularly after their weekly meetings!

Contributing ESN Turkey via being active in the national level with a great number of ESNers, ESN Yeditepe motivates their members by covering the participation fee of local, national events and trips.

Once again congratulations!