ESNers of the lands of uniting continents, once again, host an international meeting. Between 13th and 16th February 2020, the last Council of National Representatives before the very last AGM will be held in Marmara University. ESN Marmara is ready to welcome National Representatives from 42 countries in Istanbul where unity in diversity is visible everywhere, different religions and cultures dance in harmony. Turkish hospitality is calling you to CNR Marmara.


Council of National Representatives (CNR) is the meeting of the Board of ESN International with the National Representatives from all ESN countries. According to the Statutes of ESN AISBL, the CNR scrutinizes and checks the work of the Board, and must be consulted on budgetary, strategic and policy matters.


As ESN Turkey, we are wishing good luck on organizing such an important meeting. Let's see what is waiting for the participants in Istanbul  (alta video: