What does ESN mean to you?

Imagine a man, who has plenty of houses whole around the world whenever he demands to accommodate, to taste lots of food with different flavours, to drink several beverages comes from great choices from cuisines, is able to say “Cheers!” in numerous languages, senses every happiness and sorrow, ups and downs entire the earth and cares about all people he met during his session in the network. Let us consider this man has also united in diversity, belief in his capacity to face and solve any problems with his friends he might encounter. Consequently, we can smoothly figure out that this man has all the things ESN means to us.

A Memory of ESN YILDIZ

As ESN YILDIZ, we consider that our best memory is about constructive criticism in meetings. To clarify it more clear, we always believe there is and there will not be any hierarchy between us, all things are about task sharing and the main goal is making the network better. Moreover, this is the reason why we can criticize every situation. After a couple of meetings, even a newcomer might start talking about ESN issues and also current problems in the section. One day, some of the new ESNers did not like a decision of the current board and they started to criticize it properly. They followed the procedure that is needed to do that and the board had to set an extraordinary meeting with all members in order to find a solution. Everyone has just said their opinions and the meeting was carried out very properly without any heartbreaks, using their communication skills, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to improve our section and represent it in a much better way. Last of all, we took an action as a whole section and felt a useful part of a unit.