What does ESN mean to you?

At the very first beginning, when ESN had become the part of our lives, we couldn’t imagine that it would have come to this point. Even thought it teachs us how to divide professional and personal matters, it also teachs how to truly help someone without expecting something in return. In addition you start becoming a human being like everyone should be. Prepairing you for life in future to overcome any obsticales, to be gentle and kind and while learning it you somehow enter a circle of different people you start calling your family. We think this experience everyone should have at least once in a lifetime. ESN gives you more than you give to ESN while not noticing it at first.

Being this bonded to an organization may seem a little bit odd, but something in ESN makes you feel wanting to get involved more and more. We cannot say the reason is the feeling after you do something great for community, or the feeling of doing huge things together or even meeting a great new people that may become a part of your whole life, but one is sure that no matter what the reason is, it truly makes you happy and satisfied.

When it comes to our section, ESN Trakya, we are more than proud to say we have done a great job as one of the sections. That much commitment and passion cannot be seen often. From the start we felt like a family and the only thing that has changed is that our family had grew. Being so bonded to eachother we can only thank to ESN that have given us the opportunity to become like this. Without the tasks that we need to do together we doubt this bonding would had been like this.

Beside doing the tasks, there is a fun side as well. Everyone deserves having fun after work, right? That perfect balance between work and fun makes people more satisfied and relaxed. Also, when it comes to self-esteem that you gain here it’s outstanding. It starts with making presentation is front of a lot of people, whether they are unknown or known, to the making your own project.

The event where everyone got so emotional is when we hosted other sections at SPM Trakya. For us it was something unexplainable from being the section which couldn’t make a bigger event at the beginning to being a section organizing such a huge event. We put so much effort and so much hard work to make everything perfect, and while having some circumstances it didn’t make our smiles go away. Making that organization created stronger bond between us and between people from other sections. Their speechs and feedbacks were the most emotional moment we have ever had.

In addition, while being a student there is no job where you can gain this much experience and belief in yourself like you can do being a part of ESN family.