What does ESN mean to you?

To us, ESN is not just a network. With this network, we learned how to be a family with a bunch of strangers who love the same thing. We laughed and cried for the same things and we became one. Finding our second family in this network was an unexpected outcome but we can say no one in our section regrets it. Most of us consider ESN as the best thing happened to them. So in short, ESN means family who gathers the whole Erasmus generation under one roof to us.

A Memory of ESN Trabzon

To be honest, choosing the best memory is pretty difficult for us. When we shoot a glance our memories from past to present, we have realized that our memories are worth its weight in gold. However, there is a special one. This precious one is not only about being unity in diversity, but also about being one in a million. There is no necessary to die from curiosity, we assume that you know already the answer. YES, the Oscar goes to ESN Academy 2018!. As you already know that ESN Academy 2018 was hosted in Trabzon with the collaboration of ESN Trabzon and Eduk8. This amazing event gathered a lot of different people from different countries together. We all seemed to be living our Erasmus days again. Besides, it was a totally different atmosphere for our friends who had not been abroad thanks to Erasmus before. Even if we were all coming from different places, in fact, we all knew that we were together for the same purpose, and that was what made us one. We have a lot of different stories and amazing memories from that event individually. Nevertheless, the most unforgettable moment for us as a section was that in the last day of the event, everyone in the hall told us that we were the best OC they have ever seen their whole life, and this sentence made us cry. Whenever we hear ESN Academy from someone, we know that we are moved to tears