About : Pipo is an application that brings people together based on curiosities and spontaneity, which fits perfectly to the life of an erasmus student.

Pipo app is for those who like learning from others, striving to meet new people and spontaneous meet ups for interested subjects. By Pipo app, erasmus students could socialize with like-minded people around and build their network in a new city.

Pipo is available on the App Store. Pipo for Android is coming soon

Website: http://www.pipo.io/ App Store: https://appsto.re/tr/64rO5.i

How to use Pipo app:

  • A user creates a pipo meeting by selecting an interest, time and venue,
  • Pipo app notifies people with same interests,
  • Notified people request to join,
  • The pipo owner accepts or ignores their request,
  • The meeting occurs!